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Episode 3 is up.

Posted by psicomics on October 2, 2010 at 11:20 AM Comments comments (41)

I Started this with a backlog of episodes to make sure that I could keep up. Things are going well but recently, I had circumstances trip me up. My dog got sick and I have been caring for him. Still I am ahead of the game. I just posted episode 3 of the first story arc: "Visitors" and I am done coloring episode 4. Episodes five and six are already drawn and waiting for their coloring.


Enjoy and if you can leave some comments.

PSI: Paranormal Investigations

Posted by psicomics on September 17, 2010 at 12:14 PM Comments comments (1)

I'd like to welcome everyone to PSI Comics. I have recently published the Origin of PSI:Paranormal Investigations through a webstie called You can purchase it through that Lulu if you like the concept and stories you read here.


At this point it is my intention to create and publish stories of PSI online and make them available for free. I am doing this in order to promote the Comic and characters as well as a way of keeping myself working. Professionally I am an art teacher for Miami-Dade County Public School but I firmly believe that I have to keep working as an artist to truly feel fulfilled in life.


I have loved comics since I was eleven years old and have wanted to work in that field for almost as long. So far I have not had much luck and have been sidetracked many times by life's necessities. But now I have decided that one way or the other I will let out the ideas that are floating around in my head. By giving myself this weekly deadline I force myself to write and draw.


In the future I hope to work with a publisher to produce high quality printed comics and this is a step in that direction. Publishing independently has a great degree of freedom but also limitations. I cannot print large runs of comics or work in color in a printed medium. That is why I have chosen the interned as my outlet at the moment.


What I would love more than anything is to develop a fan base. Especially of comic lovers who share the same passion as myself for comics and would like to share their opinions, encouragement and constructive criticism (constructive!).


So I hope to hear from anyone who may happen upon this page.




Gonzalo Battaglia