DR. ALEX DEL PINO

     Alex was born in Pinar del Rio, Cuba during the time of the revolution. His father was a noted scientist and researcher who worked closely with the government, so early on in Alex's life, the family moved to Havana. As time passed Alex's father became disillusioned with Fidel Castro's regime and began planning to defect  to the United States. Being a high ranking scientist it was not difficult for the senior Del Pino to travel outside Cuba on official visits and the like. What was not so easy was to arrange travel with his family. He was determined that if he defected, his wife and son would go with him.

     Alex's mother died during this time. This only focused his father's determination to give his son a better future. Especially since Alex had already began to develop his psionic powers. Dr. Del Pino secretly began to study Alex's abilities and to help him develop them so that the boy could use them for his own benefit and not be exploited by the Cuban state.

On a trip to a conference in Mexico, Dr. Del Pino was approached by agents of the CIA who entreated him to leave Cuba. As a physicist, Dr. Del Pino could provide information on the sate of Cuba's scientific development and whether they had contact with other nations who actively threatened the United States. In this process The scientist became aware of the CIA's psychic division and their knowledge of his son's powers. He immediately came up with a plan to help his cause. The only price he asked of the CIA was that they not try to exploit his Alex's abilities. The Agents agreed as long as they were privy to research into powers of the mind. In this, the long standing but tempestuous realtionship between the Del Pino's and the CIA began.

     With the help of the CIA, Dr. Del Pino and young Alex effected their escape using Alex's own abilities to muddle the minds of Cuban officials, allowing the boy to leave with his father. They travelled to the Dominican Republic where they came in contact with agents of the CIA. There, they boarded a Southern Air jet to Miami. They were quickly processed and soon had their American Citizenships. For the first few years of residency in the United States, the Del Pino's lived in Virginia where Alex's father worked for the Intelligence community on various top secret project. When Alex reached his adolescence, however, the pair moved back to Miami where Dr. Del Pino founded Probe Research and Development.

     As Alex grew to manhood he slowly began to follow his father's track. He showed a gifted intellect receiving a Doctorate in Physics by the Age of 25. Alex,'s father always warned him to avoid too much notoriety regarding his now considerable psychic abilities. The senior Del Pino felt the world was not ready to confrom individuals with such power. It was at this time that father and son came up with the idea of the Paranormal Studies Institute. Originally, the institute was composed only of the two Del Pino's and temporary researchers who came and went.  PSI at this time was very much a creature of Probe Industries and the Del Pinos developed several inventions and innovations that became financial cash cows for the company. Many were based on PSI research, although this was not advertised.

     Meanwhile the Institute slowly began to develop a life of its own as staff became less and less temporary and Alex's time was devoted almost entirely to it. The elder Del Pino decided it was time for the Institute to separate from his private company and devote itself purely to research and education into the paranormal. With this in mind, he endowed a foundation with 2.5 million dollars which would be devoted to funding the institute. Dr. Del Pino also began a relationship with the recently founded Florida University in Western Dade County which would eventually become its home. The stage was set but Dr. Del Pino would not live to see it. Soon thereafter the old physicist died of Cancer.

     Dr. Alexei Del Pino then became the Director of the Paranormal Studies institute. Over the succeeding decade, the institute grew as its research expanded. Soon subjects were found throughout the country and occasionally the world. PSI outgrew its foundation's endowments and had to seek other sources of funding. The most promising funder was the federal goverment with its own investigations into the paranormal, especially the use of psionic powers for gathering intelligence. A convestation with General Robert Warner, an old client of Probe Industries cemented the deal and a large portion of the PSI's budget was assumed by various government programs over the years.

     As time passed this realtionship became both fruitful and problematic. Many of PSI's subjects (now more likely referred to as students) moved on to


Name: Alexei Medina Del Pino.

Age: 42

Heigh: 6' 4"

Weight: 193 lbs.

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Black

Birthplace: Pinar Del Rio, Cuba

Known Realtives: Oscar Del Pino, Father (Deceased), 
Clara Medina Del Pino, Mother (Deceased)

Legal Status: Citizen of the United States with no criminal record. Exiled citizen of Cuba.

Current Residence: Probe Industries main industrial campus, West Miami-Dade, FL, USA.



positions with the armed forces, law enforcement and intelligence but at the same time, those agencies began to put what Alex cosidered undue pressure on the institute. All of this came to a head over a former

student by the name of John Templeton who disappeared after a disagreement with Alex and then research asisstant Myra Lucas. Templeton was one of the most skillful students of the institute but was psychologically unstable. Alex and Myra worried about him but not as much as the U.S. Government who feared he might be used by foreign government or terrorist groups.


The CIA approached Alex for help in detaining the young man. He flatly refused. This began a downward spiral. The CIA and General Warner eventually put pressure on the Senate Scientific Research committee to pull funding for the institute in order to pressure Alex into divulging information about John. Alex maintained his stance knowing it could mean the end of the institute. Already, however, he had formulated a plan for PSI to continue and become far more independent.

     The process accelerated when the institute building at Florida University's campus was  destroyed during a paranormal event. But thanks to Alex's preparation, the Paranrmal Studies Institute reopened its doors only a few months later once again under the Probe Industries umbrella though as a completely autonomous organization. Now Alex still acts as director of PSI though he also devotes much of his time to research into theoretical physics. More and more, his mind is awakened to the mysteries of the universe. Yet at times, he's afraid that too much knowledge may alienate him from his friends and perhaps even his own humanity.



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