Dr. Myra Lucas


     Myra Lucas discovered her ability to read minds at an early age. As a child she would have flashes of thoughts and emotions from those around her. Because of this she became a very attentive child to the needs and desires of others. It became very easy for her to deal with people since she could easily read their state of mind. As a small child she developed a manipulative personality as a result. Her parents realized this and quickly set about correcting the behavior. Myra did not realize what it was that let her "read" the thoughts of other until, at the age of Twelve she read a fiction book that described psychic abilities. This caused her analyse her situation. She also empathized with the main character who was being used by others which caused herto see how selfish she had often been manipulating others for her own benefit. This made her quite close to her parents as she began to understand the lessons they had tried to teach her.

     Feeling empowered by the knowledge of her abilities and with a conscious purpose in life, Myra began to use her abilities to help others. In High school she was drawn to an elective Psychology class and realized that this would be her career. Although it did not affect her very much, her peers found her to be stand-offish and arrogant and largely stayed away. Myra did develop a few close friendships setting a pattern for the rest of her life: Myra's friends were few, but very close and she liked to spend a lot of time on her own.

     Though Myra was quite sure of herself and her goals in life, this did not keep her from making mistakes. At seventeen Myra fell in love with a classmate, Brandon Cloone. This first love would evolve into an early marriage which would collapse in just two years. Myra's failed marriage was the one event in her tightly focused life that Myra did not understand. She decided to put it behind her  altogether by moving away for Graduate School.

     Myra moved to Miami and enrolled in Florida University's Graduate Psychology program. Soon after beginning her classes, Myra was drawin into the Paranormal Studies Institute. Alex Del Pino had sensed her presence on campus and called to her through her subconscious. Once at the institute Alex confronted Myra about her abilities. After some initial resistance, Myra opened up to Alex and soon found herlself confiding in him. Finally, she had found not only someone who shared her mental abilities and a kindred spirit but also a mentor.

     Myra finished her graduate courses in one year and entered the Doctorate Program. During this time she began to work at the Institute as a research assistant helping Alex in his research and formulating some of her own. After receiving her Doctorate, Myra became the second full time administrative staff member at the Institute as its head of research. Over the next five years Dr. Myra Lucas became one of the mainstays of the institute. The students and research subjects who passed through it  looked to Myra for the kind of psychological and emotional support that Alex was often not able or available to give.

     When the Institute was threatened with loss of funding, Myra never faltered in her work helping ESPERS, people with ESP or psionic abilitites, learn about and deal with their powers. This became her main specialty rather than the investigation of paranormal phenomena. One summer, the institute was confronted with one event, however that resulted in the complete destruction of the Institute Building at Florida University's south campus. Myra along with research assistant Joao Da Silva helped evacuate all the staff and students in the building preventing any serious injuries. Nevertheless, the building was ruined and the Institute was homeless.

     But Alex Del Pino had already confided in Myra that he was working on a plan to make the Institute more independent of both the University and the strings attached to their government funding. PSI was moved to the Industrial Campus of Probe industries, Alex's




NAME: Myra Lucas

AGE: 31

HEIGHT: 5' 4"

WEIGHT: 127 lbs

EYES: Green

HAIR: Dark Brown

BIRTHPLACE: Long Island, New York, USA

KNOWN RELATIVES: Andrew Lucas (Father), Aurdrey Lucas (Mother) Clem Lucas (Uncle), Brandon Cloone (ex-husband)

LEGAL STATUS: Citizen of the United States with no criminal record.

CURRENT RESIDENCE: Probe Industries main industrial park, Miami-Dade County , FL


family business. Here funded by a foundation set up by the company, the Institute could continue its work. When Alex proposed this new plan Myra Accepted immediately and once again became its lead researcher.

     In the following months however, a doubt has begun to creep into Myra's mind as the institute becomes more concerned with paranormal phenomena. Often Myra finds herself out in the field when she should be working with her students to help them deal with their powers. A schism has developed between Alex and herself as to the purpose of the institute. Myra remembers the doubt and ignorance caused by her abilities when she was a child and believes that she was lucky in having the support of people around her, even though they did not truly know what she was going through. Myra's mission in life is to give that support to all those espers who may not have it in their own lives.


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