Joao Da Silva

     Joao was the oldest son of a modest income family in Brazil. Early on, he developed an interest in electronics and a facility with them. By his early teens, Joao was already earning his family extra income by repairing neighbor's electronics. At the same time the intuitions and stray flashed of insight that had been with him since childhood began to develop into full psionic powers. One day, he had a vision of mud flowing through the streets. When his mother came to take him to school, he ran away and hid from her. That very same day the school was engulfed in a mudslide. early in the morning. Several children and teachers were trapped. Five children died in the catastrophe.

     From that time on Joao had sporadic nightmares involving disasters, but never again did any of them come true. Joao's parents did not find out because he hid the nightmares from them out of a sense of guilt  over those who died in the mudslide while he was hiding. As time passed Joao became aloof being afraid of his abilitites to see into people's minds. He felt scared and embarrased about what he would find there. More than anything he carried a deep sense of guilt over the kind of power he could have over other people and his original failure in knowing about a disaster and not being able to do anything for those who suffered through it.

     Instead, Joao devoted himself to his understanding of electronics. He eventually enrolled in a technical school and began to learn about computers. There he found an ability within himself that he was not ashamed of: he found that he could "read" computers in much the same way that he could "read" a person's mind. The digital brain, however had no problematic or embarrasing thoughts or feeling and was simpler to understand. Joao became able to sense computer code and language and quickly developped as an incredibly adept programmer. Joao even secretly developed a way to enter code telkinetically so as to work faster and more efficiently.

     Having regained his sense of success and self-worth Joao tentatively developed a more outgoing personality. But the ease of success and a sense of making up for lost time led Joao to neglect things like work and study prompting his father to realize that his son may be going down a bad road. And so, Joao was confronted was told that if he expected any more support from his family he would have to go away to College. Otherwise he should prepare himself to go out on his own. Joao accepted the challenge and began to look for Universities that would accept him in the United States.

     Joao was accepted to Florida University's Computer Science program and with his family's blessing travelled to Miami. He found the environmet just as exciting as his own home but, as his father planned, he had to work harder in the United States to make ends meet. Despite the fact that his family was paying for his tuition, still Joao had to pay for room and board. Having only a student visa, he culd only work in the university's work study program. He held a string of positions everywhere from student services to the art gallery and finally landed a position in Information Technology. Joao was happy there but the position did no pay enough so Joao began to fix electronics on his own time to bridge the gap.

     One day as part of his IT position he went to the Paranormal Studies Insitute. There he met Dr. Myra Lucas who immediately recognized Joao as an Esper, someone with ESP or psionic abilities. Saying nothing about it, she observed Joao while he went about his work. At the end of the semester, when Joao had to worry about regaining his position at the IT department he got a call from Dr. Lucas. Joao met with her. She confronted Joao about his abilities and told him about the institute.  Joao informed her that he had heard about it, but was afraid of revealing his powers. To put him at ease, Myra revealed that she herself was an esper and that there was no reason to keep it secret. She also offered him a position at the Institute.

     Joao accepted and even though he was not allowed to work a full work day according to the terms of his visa he found himslef spending more and more time at the Insitute. Joao became a favorite of the other students especially the very young ones. He projected a fun loving persona to the kids and he himself found it easier to deal with them due their straightforward thoughts and needs. Dr. Lucas helped Joao develop his other psionic abilities and finally got him to share his feelings regarding the mud slide and his recurring nightmares. The doctor believed the dreams to be nothing more than trauma left over from the disaster coupled with survivor's guilt. She entreated Joao to confront those negative emotions and one day the nightmares would stop. Over time the nightmared diminished but continutedto resurface from time to time.




NAME: Joao Gilberto Figueira Da Silva

AGE: 24

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 201 lbs

EYES: Brown

HAIR: Brown

BIRTHPALCE: Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

KNOWN RELATIVES: Jose Da Silva, Father, Eugenia Figueira Da Sivla (Mother), Carlos Da Silva, Beto Da Silva (brothers), Amelia Da Silva (Sister), unnamed extended family.

LEGAL STATUS: Citizen of Brazil with no criminal record. Holds a visa to live and work in the United States.

CURRENT RESIDENCE: Westchester, Miami-Dade County, FL, sometimes Probe Industries.




     Joao, eventually received a degree in Information technology and a graduate degree in Computer Science. PSI eventually hired Joao full time as a research assitant and his student Visa turned into a work visa sposored by PSI and Florida University. Unfortunately a paranormal event  that Dr. Lucas and Joao were studying turned dangerous and destroyed the Institute. Heroically the two researchers led everyone in the building to safety. Before leaving, Joao sensed the mind of a child trappend in the building and rushed to save her. Finding the little girl trapped in an office and knowing the lobby was on fire, Joao chose another way out. He blew out the window telekinetically and levitated down with the little gril. This proved to be a liberating moment for him as he openly used his powers in public.

    With the insitute homeless Joao worried about his chances of staying in the US. But Alex Del Pino founder and  director of PSI had already made plans for the intitute's future. He entered into a partnership with his family's company to fund PSI and headquarter it in their own facilities so as to be more independent and self-sufficient. Joao was offered his position back and Alex hinted at a greater destiny for PSI. Joao accepted without a second thought.

     Joao's only reservation has to do with the fourth member of the new PSI: Samatha Rios. A girl he knew as a student at the institute who had left to join the CIA's Psi Corps. Although he had been close to Samantha, Joao cannot shake a feeling of distrust for someone who worked as a spy in an agency which had always used the institute for its own purposes. Nevertheless, Joao sees his new position as an exciting change and relished the more active role in the investigation of the paranormal, even though he knows Dr. Lucas does not approve of it.

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